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The link above will take you to the Wikipedia page for Pride House, while the following link takes you to the website for Pride House Glasgow 2014, as run by Leap Sports.




Back in May, Lucy Holmes-Elliot, one of the founders of the fantastic Lock Up Your Daughters and recipient of the 2013 LGBT History Month Cultural Commission, in which she completed a project called ‘Queer Window’, was contacted by Leap Sports to deliver an arts project as part of the Culture strand of the Commonwealth Games.


As this year’s recipient of a commission, I was also contacted, and we discussed the possibility of Lucy re-showing her ‘Queer Window’ work, and me showing work-in-progress of ‘In My Day’, the then-tentative-title of my commission.

10543579_10152519273195380_1623684463522245916_o (1)

We decided instead to step out of both our comfort zones, but to bolster each other by working together. We proposed a residency called ‘Gameface’ – a live art project in which we would talk to and photograph visitors to Pride House, before digitally sketching them and painting portraits directly onto the wall.

10530732_10203284762298216_1144567547378816661_n 10482560_10203322940692652_848994616292265911_n 995057_10203340752617939_5454349034190486253_n

Both of us were used to working in a quite detailed and controlled way, so we instead decided to paint quick, temporary Fauvist style portraits that we would paint directly over. Going against our natural tendencies was terrifying but in the end incredibly liberating. We got to talk to many wonderful people, and painted around six portraits that formed a backdrop to the main stage area. And we met a host of politicians, including the First Minister Alex Salmond, Deputy PM Nick Clegg and Labour’s Margaret Curran, who all seemed genuinely interested in the work Pride House was doing and Lucy and I’s residency.

Pride House 2014 was a fantastic venue and project, and it’s a testament to Leap Sports’ work, along with that of the staff and volunteers, that it has sparked renewed interested in an LGBT Centre in Glasgow as a space where people can relax, take part in activities, get information and be part of the community. I’m really grateful to have been part of it!

Scroll down to see more of our work – click to embiggen!

1927920_10203334509101855_3696180080072911469_n10330490_10203295899896649_5900053090574203532_n 10245556_10203315453905487_3886024725222243096_n 10552660_10203315455225520_9098823900389671828_n 10530732_10203284762298216_1144567547378816661_n 1908037_10203334512621943_6708598978312574177_n 1010197_10203340753737967_959208520212599532_n 10438251_10203340753057950_4290175213056150811_n 10301514_10203322920372144_6863531340265746844_n 10517457_10203340753497961_1130552161186840519_n 10505271_10203341818484585_8836808528802693271_n 10552556_10203322920732153_5653493493361167299_n 10553400_10203340752897946_8973697207748492543_n 10557239_10203322920612150_1979018844913885245_n 10562978_10203340753297956_811895553286266322_n 10574398_10203322920932158_4379956180830722681_n



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