Comic Book Pitt: #173 – Effing Explicit Content! (NSFW)

Comic Book Pitt: #173 – Effing Explicit Content! (NSFW).

Gonzo Cosmic #1 gets a nice unsolicited review here, after it’s spotted on Comixology Submit. Mentions of Starlin, Morrison and Kirby within, which blows my tiny little mind…

Tax and Scratch – Comic Digital Inking Process

Here’s a look at some digital inking of the comic strip I’m working on just now, Tax and Scratch. It’s written by Dawn Mathieson, and will be available on her website, Stark Visions.

I’m trying to loosen up a little these days, so instead of aiming for a really tight pencil finish, I’m trying a digital brush I messed around with on Photoshop CC. It’s cool to watch this back and see how loose it is – I’m encouraging myself to make things messier, and not be so obsessed with getting every line right. Mainly because that was a pretty impossible task…

I’ve been looking at different artists for inspiration recently, including Paul Pope, whose work I love, and Charles Burns. And while the latter used a really technical style, the fact that he’s using strong black ink lines is something I’m getting into more.