Drawing process – StarSigil


It’s been a while since I posted anything up here, so I thought I’d share my process so far on a wee personal piece I’m working on.

Called ‘StarSigil’, it’s a cosmic superhero splash based on a quick doodle. Left to right, we’ve got the original doodle, on a lined notebook no less, scanned into Photoshop CC with a quick sketch drawn over the top. Since the construction of the ‘egg-ship’ he’s in was important, I draw it out using the Pen tool then started laying down perspective lines, using the Lazy Nezumi Pro plug-in I purchased recently, which is in ‘in-Photoshop’ brush smoother that also has an incredible and intuitive perspective tool that lets you draw in perspective┬áusing your own brush.

I wanted a particular symmetry for the figure as a base, so I sketched in the substance in rounded shapes on one half then copied and lipped it. Then I started laying in more detailed lines before doing a final sketch in blueline of the whole thing.

I doubted the position of the legs in the ’rounded’ stage, and never got that back right the way through to the blueline – check out where the ‘furriest’ lines are – a sure sign I was doubting myself here. Looking back those original legs look much better – I reckon I’ll go in and change the blueline referencing those before I commit to the final lines. LESSON TO SELF – trust the intuitive lines, and don’t overwork…

The whole thing was about having this symmetry and flow of interlocking shapes, between the chair and the window of the ship etc. I think I’ve managed that, with the underlying symmetry of the character broken by the position of his arms.

To finish off the piece, I’ll add in finished pencil lines, again in Photoshop, before adding colours and some screen overlays on the windshield and stuff.

The whole thing is a hypersigil, for those who’re into that kind of thing ­čśÇ