A piece I did on a “controversy”.


Today, Bleeding Cool published this article on the use of a certain word being used in “Papergirls” #1, which was released by Image Comics this week, and the actions taken by Whateverstore in San Francisco. Safe to say it’s garnered some attention, and we felt we would wade in with our two cents.


Let’s not jump the gun here, eh? Let’s not get polarised, and instead be grown up about this. The two gay, married owners of Whatever comics have railed against BKV’s latest book through Image, ‘Paper Girls’. for a character’s use of the word “faggot”. No doubt Twitter is foaming at this, on both ‘sides’ of the cultural divide, but let’s just stop and take a moment. As with most things in life, it’s not simply a case of choosing a side and sticking to it. It’s a complex, nuanced conversation we have to have.


Is it right to…

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