Ceej Says… Shorts review

Ceej reviews Sam Read’s collection of comic shorts, including ‘The Answer to Question ‘M” wot I drawed.


Click to enlarge. Cover by Ruairi Coleman – Click to enlarge.

Writer: Sam Read
Artist(s): Donal Delay, Garry Mac, Elias Martins, Paul McAllan
Lettering: Colin Bell, Robin Jones, Ryan Ferrier
Cover Art: Ruairi Coleman
Release Date: 14th November, 2015 (Thought Bubble Festival)

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Health Economy, or Why You Don’t Need To Earn A Living

Some home truths here from Ste, and his argument for a Guaranteed Minimum Income. Right on.

Don't Freak Out


I like my gym. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, it’s well equipped, it isn’t too far from my house and there are two novelty oversized dogs that wander around behind reception from time to time. Like most gyms, though, it doesn’t half life a motivational quote. Above the mirror at the freeweight section a banner reads: “Some people want it to happen. Some people wish it would happen. Others MAKE it happen.” It’s a cute trick, motivating you while stroking your ego. You’re one of the ELITE, right? You’re MAKING it happen. The sentence structure alone tells you you’re at least in the top 33.3% of the population, and let’s face it, that percentile is probably lower because you’re just that special, you muscular workhorse, you man of iron. In fairness, determination and the will to do something is a huge part of exercise or going to the gym. Some…

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Insert Boomtown Rats Reference Here

Ste keeps his blog going with an update re: Nanowrimo. Which I am also doing because masochism and what the hell?

Don't Freak Out

It’s Monday when you’re reading this,(for me it’s Thursday, I try and write in advance) so that means it’s a writing blog. Contain your excitement, yeah? It’s only the first paragraph. As with the last two, I’ll just be giving a quick update on where I’m at with my writing endeavours before getting into more meaty stuff next week.

As most of you are likely aware, the main focus of my writing is usually comics. Can’t get enough of em. Can’t afford to make them, either, which means comic book writing is going to have to take a back seat for a little while. I love it, I always will, but a huge part of making comics is actually making the things, which means working with and paying an artist, colourist, letterer etc and I can’t quite get there right now. I still have a few projects simmering – a…

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NOIRVEMBER 001 ~ My Noir

Ryan K Lindsay writes about Noirvember – looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Without Fear

Welcome to my personal spiral, inked with razor steps, and you just can’t stop descending. At the bottom, you know what you’ll see, we all do, and yet we find ourselves there over and again.

I think we all have a problem.

It’s Noirvember in my office all month and you know I don’t suffer alone. So I’m going to write about noir all month long. My noir. My definition, my way, and the things I dig in that ballpit of loaded weapons and bad choices.

noirvember title 1

I love noir, I love writing, and I love some weird stuff, so this month the bar is set to discuss a trinket of noir every day. Sometimes I’ll do the obvious, hopefully sometimes I’ll bring a new slant to a thing you’d never considered within that chiaroscuro light. If you discover one new thing to go sample, rad. If you get to remember…

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