Would you donate to a print run of Gonzo Cosmic?

Gonzo Cosmic #2 was released at the end of 2014 in digital format. I explained my reasoning for releasing it free here: https://garrymacmakes.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/gonzo-cosmic-manifesto/

There’s also a great review of the book here: http://bigcomicpage.com/2015/02/04/ceej-says-gonzo-cosmic-2-review/

And amazingly, the book has been shortlisted in four categories for the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards: http://www.sicba.org.uk/ for Best Comic Book, Writer, Artist and Cover.

Those of you who’ve kept up to date with the book so far know it’s a labour of love, a massive long-term project that I work on in between my paid comic work. In dialling back on the costs, I decided to finish the colouring myself, even though Jim Devlin had done an amazing job on the first 10 pages and I was gutted to not have him do the rest. I coloured the remaining ones myself, but by that point I was desperate to get the book out, and I was never happy with the finish.

I’ve decided to do a redux’d version of the book, recolouring those pages so they work better for me. I’ll never match Jim’s amazing colours, but I felt it was a good idea to go back and take some time to colour it how I wanted to see it, and have it seen. Below there are some before (on the left) and afters (on the right). There’s some male nudity below, so approach at your own risk.

Page11TonesNew   Page11Flat

Page12Flat Page12FlatNew

The new colouring, while maybe not quite as gonzo as the originals, just feels more grown up, less gaudy and in better service to the storytelling.

And, so. To celebrate the SICBA nominations, I want to do a small print run of the book for Glasgow Comic Con 2015. It will be a limited, one time only run, with each copy individually numbered, with the new colouring and some touch ups to the lettering. It’ll be the book far closer to how I’d like to see it.

I’ll also release the redux’d version for FREE, digitally, once it’s complete. But I’m asking if folk would like to donate something towards the print run. I can’t offer anything in return, except for a PDF of the book which you can get for free anyway, and my gratitude, and with the run being limited, only those who attend the Con will be able to buy the book.

But it would be a massive help if I could raise a bit of cash to see this book in print. If you can spare a quid (or dollar, or whatever) or two, I’d be really thankful. And if you can spend more, or would like to set up a small recurring donation to put towards the creation of issue 3, I’d be bowled over.

If you’d like to contribute, there’s a ‘Buy Now’ button on the sidebar and on the home page of this site. It should say ‘Donate’, but HTML… When you click it, you’ll see that it does in fact take you to a donation page, and you can donate there whether or not you’re a Paypal member.

So, if you can spare a dime to help me out, please do – it’ll mean a print copy of Gonzo 2 available for punters to see before they cast their final votes for the SICBA awards. I’ll also get a link up as soon as possible for public voting once it’s announced.

Thank you!


Extra Astronomical – Gonzo Cosmic #2 is out now!

FINALLY. After a long, difficult labour, Gonzo 2 is now finished, and is available FREE to download. This is DRM-free, so if you download it, feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested! And please, share this post – GC is now an intense labour of love, and I’m giving it away free in the hope of getting more readers, but they’ll only read it if they know about it!



In case you need to get up to speed, issue one can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a0gtxuuwnssp2k2/Gonzo_Cosmic_1_DRM_Free.pdf?dl=0

Gonzo 2 has some male nudity in’t, so probably NSFW…

Free Gonzo Cosmic and Comixology…

In a typical synchronicity, once I’d decided to give away Gonzo Cosmic #1 for free, Comixology Submit finally got back to me to tell me that they had accepted it for sale…

I debated this for a while – did this go against everything I’d just decided to do? Should I remove it from sale? What to do, what to do?

In the end, I decided that I’d leave it up there. It’s available for £2.49 to add to your Comixology library, should you wish. But it’s still available, from me, for FREE.

I reckon the reach of Comixology warrants leaving a digital edition up there. Folk will perhaps purchase it who would never otherwise know about it, the reach is potentially global, and I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I took it down.

The original intent remains though – I want to get it in the hands of as many people as possible. So if new readers come along through Comixology purchases and decide to check out the blog etc, they’ll get future issues for free. Does that make sense? I hope it does. I’m keen to not look like a shill, faking a free release then announcing a release on a digital platform with a price attached.

But whatever. The aim was to take the risk and the cost away – direct from me, there’s no cost. Through Comixology, you’re paying for the opportunity to see it in the first place, and if you dig it, you’ll get future issues for free.

So Comixology effectively, hopefully, becomes the jumping on platform for new readers, and everything else remains as it was.

Here’s the link, should you wish to go and see it up there:


And of course, you have the opportunity to decide to pay for it, if you want to support the creation of further issues.


EDIT: Having read through the Comixology edition, I have to say that the price attached is worth it if you enjoy Guided View. The team have done a fantastic job, and it’s just made me look a my own creation in a new way. Including letting me see all that dodgy art up close. [Reminder to self: make sure Gonzo 2 looks better…]

Gonzo Cosmic 2 – Cover Preview!

Roland Cover Colours

I’m not even kidding, this book is an assault on the senses. Keep the migraine pills handy!

In issue 2, we get to meet the Tertiarists properly and find out what exactly Novak sees when he enters the Discontinuity. Our heroes are transformed into post-humans, and head back to Earth, brimming with the possibilities of change.
On its way soooooooon!

Gonzo Cosmic #1 – Free Download



Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s the download link to the PDF format version of Gonzo Cosmic #1, absolutely free.


Some print copies of GC1 are left, and if you’d like to purchase those you can on http://www.unthankcomics.co.uk, or pick them up at Thoughtbubble in November. Otherwise, this digital edition is free, and yours to share as you like!

I’m always interested to hear from readers, so if you read it and you’d like to let me know your thoughts, send me a message in the comments, or email me at engage@unthankcomics.co.uk.